European Hoosier

Fall 2013: On our annual ministry trip to Budapest, we stayed in a beautiful old apartment building in the heart of the city. The flat had a cabinet in it that reminded me somewhat of a Hoosier kitchen cabinet but a little more modern looking. It was wood but painted with a thick enamel yellow paint.

First let me give you a glimpse of the building where we stayed. This is the courtyard. Don't let the grandness fool you...the building is in bad need of repair, our flat included. But you can see that it was once the home of wealthy families (probably built 100-150 years ago). The top two floors (where our flat was located) have narrow landings and  were typically the living quarters of the servants.

This is another view of the courtyard from the second floor.

Back to the interesting kitchen cabinet and table.

This is the table

And this is the table pulled partially out, showing the two enameled metal wash basins (rubbed and stained with use) which were once used for washing dishes and maybe washing clothing and people. I wish I knew more. I couldn't find a name or any markings on the cabinet or table.

Would love to know how this was originally used.

The table and cabinet have an unusual top, sort of looks like a resin of some type.

I didn't use this section of the cabinet, but it contains glass bottles in slots and a small wooden drawer.

Another view

This coffee mill and salt mill were in the cabinet, but I set them out while we were renting the flat.

I hope you enjoyed this look into an old Hungarian flat. And while you are on my site, I'd love to have you sign up for a free subscription to my 1-minute devotions HERE. Or, if you happen to be a Hungarian speaker, sign up for a free subscription to my devotions translated into Hungarian HERE
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