Christmas Trunk

I love decorating with my trunks during the holidays. This year, I created a Nativity in a Trunk, put a small trunk under my Christmas tree, and used this large trunk to hold gifts for my 7 grandchildren.

I originally lined this trunk (about 20 years ago) for the purpose of having it open at Christmas. That's why I chose this green calico cloth to line it.  If you want to find out more about this process, check out the post on my Trunk Collection.

I chose to wrap all of my grandchildren's gifts in red and used these cute tags I found online as a free printable.

I added a straw heart wreath and Christmas doll to the open lid.

Above the wreath, you can see a line. It actually doesn't show except in pictures. It's the sun shining through a crack in the top of the trunk....I told you these are OLD trunks....I'm sure this one is over 100 years old.

One reason I love trunks is because they are silent treasure chests of history....what ship did this trunk board? What type of clothing or supplies did it contain? Did it carry new life or tragedy where it went?

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  1. Gail,
    This is so lovely!
    Happy and Blessed Season for you and your family!

  2. I absolutely love this! I just saw your Nativity set up and this is just as beautiful! Thanks for sharing:)


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