Joy in the Journey Book Review

Okay...I'll say it right at the beginning. I know the author of this book. I met her at a writer's conference and she submitted devotions to a blog I previously edited. And since that meeting, we have become good friends visiting in each others' homes and chatting regularly on the phone.

So I'm not unbiased, but I think I'm qualified to speak. I know her heart for the Lord, family, and homeschooling and I know she is an excellent writer.  

When I previewed Joy in the Journey, I knew immediately that it would be an excellent resource for homeschooling parents or for those considering homeschooling. 

The author, Lori Hatcher, a mom who recently graduated to the empty nest stage in her life has years of "on-the-job" homeschooling experience. And she has the added benefit of "hind-sight."

Lori Hatcher
But Lori is more than a veteran homeschooler, she's also a gifted writer. Each chapter is her book is divided into:

  • a thought-provoking devotion
  • application questions
  • an “action step” for the week 
  • a prayer. 

Her insights will help home school parents process their homeschool experience and learn from their joys and struggles.

As a “pioneer” homeschooler myself—my children graduated from homeschool highschool in the early 90’s—I would have loved to own such a book. It’s honest and practical, a great resource for home school moms. 

To find out how to order a paperback or the e-book, check HERE.

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  1. Thank you, dear friend, for sharing my book with your sweet community of readers. May it empower and equip women to do one of the hardest (yet most rewarding) tasks of motherhood. If I could go back, I'd do it all again :)Lori

  2. Hey Gail! what a coincidence! I wrote a review on my blog today and we're also having a giveaway! Lori has offered one copy of her book! :)

  3. This is the third place I have seen this book referenced this week; I guess I need to read it!


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