Grab 'em With Your Intro

No one knew he died a hero because his obituary had such a long and boring introduction.

Likewise, the introduction to your devotion can grab or push away potential readers. The title and first few sentences MUST BE INTERESTING--attention-getting, something that attracts the reader and makes her want to keep reading!

"The title [and introduction] to a work of writing is like a house's front porch.... It should invite you to come on in." 
Angela Giles Klocke

In editing devotions for WOW, I often have a writer take a sentence or two from an action paragraph and place it/them at the beginning of their devotion to hook readers.

Sometimes the intro is improved by simply rearranging paragraphs or making the first sentence more startling. Let me give you an example from one of my WOW devotions called “Does God View All Sins the Same?”

My first introduction:
When we lived in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas (18 years ago), a man convicted of rape attended the same Bible study as my husband and I. He was appealing his conviction and had successfully convinced several local Christian leaders of his sincerity and innocence. However, during his appeal, he was again picked up on rape charges, clearly guilty.

My final introduction:
We were shocked--a rapist had been attending our small in-home Bible study!

We were living in Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas (where the military prison is located), and "Bob" was out of prison appealing a rape charge. He had successfully convinced several local Christian leaders of his innocence. However, during his appeal, Bob was rearrested for raping a local woman, clearly guilty.

When you write a devotion, don't consider it finished until you've made your introduction as interesting as possible! If you have something important to share, it's worth the effort.


  1. Great tips! I teach writing and am a blogger, so I love posts like these. Keep up the good work. You've taught me to be short and sweet with my posts. Keep the good advice coming! :) Lauren,

  2. Gail...thank you for the encouragement. I don't consider myself a writer per se so these tips are wonderful for me. Thank you for linking up as well.


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