Creating a Favicon

Sometimes it's the little things that add fun and quality to our lives.  A favicon is a little thing...but it can add identity to your blog.

What’s a favicon?  It’s the small image that shows up by the browser tab when people open your site. The arrows in the image above show you how favicons look.

You want your favicon to be recognizable even though it's smaller than a lentil. So choose it carefully.

Making a favicon on Blogspot:

1. Go to Design, Then layout 
2. You’ll see “Favicon” in the left corner 
3. Click “Edit” 
4. A window will open 
5. hit “Browse” and download a perfectly square image.
6. hit “save” 
7. Sometimes you have to wait a week or two before it shows up on some browsers, sometimes it shows up immediately…not sure why, but wait if you don’t see it immediately. 

The most important detail is making sure your image is perfectly square. If it's not, the favicon browser won't accept it. Use whatever photo program you have to make a non-square image square. If it shows up on the favicon in your layout, you've done it successfully.

(Here's a tutorial for Wordpress) 


  1. I have always wondered how those came into existence!
    I am still puzzled, though, being not super technical. :-)

    Where do I begin that I am going into Design?
    I don't see that option in my Firefox browser, nor do I see it in my Wordpress dashboard.

    Thanks for sharing this idea!

    1. Sorry, Kim, I'll edit my post to explain these are the directions for Blogspot. I know nothing about Wordpress. Perhaps you could find a tutorial if you google it. God bless,Gail

  2. Thanks, Gail. I will do that. Thank you for the inspiration. I didn't realize it was something that could be done on your own!

  3. Oh cool ... thanks for this great tip ... off to favicon I go!
    happy Tuesday!

  4. Thanks for posting this tip. I did change mine awhile ago, when I noticed that others had cute favicons. Thanks for writing up the how-to! Glad you linked up at Romance on a Dime. I'm pinning this!

  5. Thanks! I've been wondering how to do this! I can't wait to give it a try.

  6. Hi! I found this post by the "Take It On Tuesday" Blog Hop. Funny thing is ~ I was just messing around with my blog design and was wondering what a Favicon was. Lol!

    I have only been blogging since January and I haven't had much time to explore too much yet. Thank you so much for sharing this post. It was very helpful!

    Hope you have a lovely evening!
    K at

  7. Gail where can we get free images for the favicons?


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