Branding Your Blog

Giving your blog a clear identity is called branding, and branding is one of the best ways to increase your readers and subscribers. If you feel God has called you to ministry through your blog, then ask His help in branding your blog.

One aspect of branding is to use a logo that people will recognize. 

But branding is far more than a logo.

A lack of branding can mean you aren't sure of your purpose for blogging. Or it may mean that you haven't made your purpose clear to your readers. 

It's possible to have a "multi-purpose" blog as long as you tie all of the elements together with a common theme. For example, you might post recipes every Monday, money-saving tips every Wednesday, and a devotion every Friday as "The Versatile Homemaker." But you would need to make your schedule and purposes clear  to your readers.

The author of Branding Your Blog for Success, suggests you ask these questions to help develop your brand:
1. Who am I?
2. What is my blog about?
3. Why does my blog exist?
4. How does my blog work?
5. Who is my audience?
6. What makes my blog unique?
7. Why should someone subscribe to my blog?

Branding means your blog has:

1. A clear purpose--well-defined for your readers. For example, Bible Love Notes posts a one-minute Christian devotion each weekday for busy people. It was designed for subscription purposes so subscribers could quickly read a devotion before starting their day.

2. Consistency--Posts that fit that purpose.
I make sure my devotions are approximately 160 words so they can be read in less than one minute. No exceptions. My readers can depend on it. After I established my purpose, I added decor, marriage and blogging posts, but these didn't go out to subscribers. Decor and blogging posts were publicized via blog hops and links at the bottom of some devotions as a sort of "outreach," hoping they would bring in subscribers to my devotions. But as my blogging duties increased, I quit doing these posts.

3. Good author information--If you don't have an "About" page with your photo and some information about your life and the purpose of your blog, your blog will seem impersonal. 

When I read something on a new blog, I want to know more about the author, and that's true of most people. Blog experts believe author info is a necessary ingredient for a good blog. When I learned this, I beefed up my blog bio.

So think and pray about your brand--who are you, what are you, where have you been, where are you going, why are you writing? 

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  1. hey there,
    visiting you from a better mom. and as a former employee on the international marketing team at IBM, i couldn't resist a good blog post on branding! well said.

    thx for sharing,

  2. Thanks, Tanya, it means a lot for someone who knows more than me to approve what I've written. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. This was good. I know my blog is way to random and I need to work on narrowing it down.

    1. You have a great blog, Shanda, but I hope this info helps you make it even better! I'm always looking for ways to improve and learn new things.

  5. excellent tips! i'm new at blogging so your tips are very helpful for me. thanks!

  6. Stopping by from Inspiring me Monday...I know it's Tuesday. I'm a nana so I'm!
    This was a great article about branding! Keep up the good work and visit me at sometime. You'll find I'm a Christian nana who isn't afraid to voice her thoughts or opinions.

    Blessings to you,

  7. Thank you so much for letting me know what branding is, lol, so slow aren't I?! I know my blog isn't too branded yet, but that will come in time as I blog and the Lord shows me.

  8. You have such good tips and helps Gail... really appreciated.

  9. Gail thank you for this! As usual, you are clear and precise, just what I need. Thanks for linking up to SIS!

  10. I got to your blog by way of Connie's "Family Home & Life." Thank you for the advice for us novice bloggers. I hope you will come see me at Things my Grandkids Should Know

  11. Very informative post! There is a lot of information here.

  12. This is some great info! I'm going to look over my blog and see how well I'm doing with "blog branding"! :-) I know what you mean about making sure my "about" section has some real stuff about me. I have been frustrated with blogs that have some interesting information but I don't even know the writer's name! I quickly cross those off my blogroll.

    Blessings, Joan

  13. Thanks for this! I actually just wrote a book about blog branding called Go From Blog to Brand in 30 Days, available on Kindle ( in which we talk a lot about consistency and clear purpose. Glad to see a like-minded blogger out there! Blog branding is so important but so many bloggers ignore it.


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