12 Tips for Better Blog Devotions

12 writing tips for devotions
The internet is not the library. People don't come in, check the card catalog, pull a book off the shelf and take it home for a long read. Unfortunately, many blog writers are still writing as if that were the case.

12 Tips to Better Blog Devotions:

1. Pray.
Writing is important ministry.

2. Edit.
Rewriting is often more important than writing!

  • Make sure your content is well arranged and understandable.
  • Make sure your grammar and punctuation are correct.
  • Stay on point--cut unnecessary words/explanations and don't take side trips from your message.

"I'm not a very good writer, but I'm an excellent rewriter." 
~ James A. Michener

"I rewrote the ending of 'Farewell to Arms' 39 times before I was satisfied."
~ Ernest Hemingway

3. Don't get preachy or angry.

4. Know your audience. Unless you want to narrow your readership to a particular segment of Christianity, don't promote non-essential denominational or doctrinal differences.

5. Be Careful about the length of your posts 
There's conflicting info on the best length of a blog post. I suggest you survey friends, potential readers, subscribers. Also check out the bounce rate on your individual blog posts. People read approximately 200-250 words per minute. If you are writing 1000 word posts and your bounce rate averages less than 2 minutes, people are only reading half of your post before leaving your blog.

6. Choose your Scripture references carefully. If there are two good verses, but one is harder to understand, use the easiest. And don’t feel you need to cross reference every verse. Sometimes less is more! 

7. Include a story--a personal or historic application. A devotion applies God's principles to real life involving real people and real situations.

8. Grab readers with your introduction. If it’s slow, contains unnecessary facts, or is boring, you’ll lose many readers right off. 

9. Get rid of extra words--"wordiness" weakens writing.

"Omit needless words. Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts." 
~ William Strunk, Jr.

10. Avoid passive voice. If you aren't sure what it is, look it up HERE.

11. Be humble: say "we" not "you" (e.g. "We need to draw closer to God."). A good devotion is "peer encouragement." You've learned something you want to share, but you are still a learner.

12. Don't make too many points. You can always write another devotion. And, it bears repeating, stay on point. Make sure everything you write enhances your point instead of detracting from it.

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  1. Excellent tips! Thanks for sharing! I loved the quotes about rewriting!

  2. Great information. I will definitely use all your suggestions!

  3. Really appreciate your tips. I'm gonna try to put all 12 of them
    to use in my next post.

  4. Great tips! It's amazing how often I don't even think to pray about my writing. ~Kristen @ Trial & Error Homemaking

  5. Yes knowing your audience is so important. Thanks for the tips! http://iheartpears.blogspot.com

  6. I read somewhere that I should be using the word "you" more than "I" in a blog post--and I disagreed with it. Glad to hear someone agrees with ME! I don't want to be preachy, or come across as self-righteous, so I tend to write from my own perspective and hope it resonates with someone. Good post!!

    1. Yes, I'm attracted to authors who seem humble and realize their own needs.

  7. Great suggestions! Thank you for sharing them.

    Hope you have a lovely week!
    K @ Storytime Fun!

  8. These are great tips!! I agree - reading over the internet is much different than taking a book home. Thanks so much for sharing at Romance on a dime. I'm pinning this.

  9. These are excellent tips... thank you for sharing :D

  10. Just getting started, thank you for the tips! Stoppin by from WLW :) www.simplyhelpinghim.com

  11. Here from Pieces of Amy...these are great tips for any genre of writing. Thanks for sharing them!

  12. Gail...great tips! Thank you for sharing them this week at WJIM.

  13. Thanks, good and helpful points here Gail on writing devotions. I appreciate the time you took to share your thoughts on this. ~ Abby


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